My name is Nikki Spagnolo.

I am an Empowerment Health Coach and Personal Trainer. Women come to me as they have reached a point where they are ready to put themselves first, regain their health and love who they are.

Are you obsessed with weight loss and constantly looking for that perfect weight loss fix?

Do you need help with motivation and accountability?

Would you love more life balance and time for you?

Are you confused and overwhelmed about the right nutrition advice for you?

Most mothers start their day with a cup of coffee and often skip meals.

Neglecting your nutrition throughout the day, drains your vitality leaving you with little or no energy. 

As mothers, nutrition does not have to be complicated.

Let me show you just how simple total family nutrition can be.

The Healthy Platform encourages parents to take responsibility for their health and wellbeing as well as that of their children’s.

To develop a solid foundation of health for their children, which creates positive relationships surrounding food and encourages each member of the family, to recognise food for what it is intended to be- nourishment. 

We offer this through support, guidance, and online courses created to simplify each step surrounding nutrition for families.

The Healthy Platform creates a simple, honest and easy approach to changing children’s nutrition. This provides an opportunity for parents to take responsibility for their own health and be proactive in the future of their children’s health also.

As a mother in today’s society, we find ourselves trying to balance work, family and additional commitments. At the end of the day is there any time left for you?


Often as mothers we are left feeling lethargic, stressed and unhealthy.  Our time is usually spent prioritizing others needs (which we do so well).  Not surprising self-care often comes at the expense of our busy lifestyle.

At what point did it become a selfish act to put yourself first and embrace your self worth? I promise you that prioritizing your own health will have positive impact on those around you.  It’s a beautiful domino effect.


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